border indi is supporting the up and coming indie music scene by sharing and premiering new music of all genres. This is a radio streaming service dedicated to a variety.

You may listen to our audio Stream (MP3 @ 192 kbps, 44.1 kHz) through our website or download our app located at the Google Play Store.

This service is completely free! We do accept donations.

Future updates will include:

Videos, interviewing musicians, attending and putting on live events, shooting photography and videos, providing festival guides, playlists, concert previews, reviews, publishing music lists and directories and much more!

Commercial and supporting bumper sales revenue ads/jingle packages.

In order to keep up with the digital indie underground increasing number of music submissions, daily traffic, and high standards of delivering new and engaging content, border indi is recruiting a skilled team of passionate music lovers to help volunteer, contribute and publish the indie music scene.

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