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The Jay Ram Show

Every 2nd Tue 7:30pm CDT

A long time ago I fell in love with a radio show based in New York called the Opie and Anthony show. Throughout the show they would say things that caught my attention. They would be revealing secrets of broadcasting. Being the obsessive type I took it upon myself to read up on communication, radio etiquette and showmanship. So I started a podcast for myself. The first was terrible but then it got a little better. I’ve been doing podcasts for 10 years at this point. I call myself the professional podcaster. People now ask me for advice on podcasting and run ideas by me.

Because of my passion I hooked up with a local radio legend, Sammy the House. I help out with his radio show, Coffee and Magic, on 1073.FM  Monday – Friday. 7am-10am.

I live by the motto; If you work hard, good things happen. And thats what I’m doing.

I host a podcast called Jay Ram Show. I have 2 co-host. Dr. Sergical and Lil Chief, Alejo. Together we make up the best podcast is south Texas. We feature local artists while talking about current, and local events. Nothing is off limits.

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